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A powerful and cool discord bot

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# CROWN BOT ## description if you are lazy and dont want to spectate your server 24/7 this bot will do your work. it has good moderation system to. ## FEATURES 1. Good moderation system 2. Leveling system 3. Welcomer 4. Good quality music 5. Responsive giveaway syste 6. to know more add our bot ## COMMANDS ```non changeable prefix is "="``` **MODERATION**   >  =moderation :      shows moderation commands **FUN** >  =fun :    shows fun commands   **ECONOMY** >  =economy help :     shows commands for economy system **MUSIC** >  =mhelp      shows commands for music **GIVEAWAY** > =ghelp   shows giveaway commands   **OTHERS**   > =others   shows other commands *to know more add our bot* • [invite]( • [support server]() • [vote me]( • [website](

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