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A multipurpose bot with many features such as leveling, moderation, music and image generation.

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Servers: N/A | Votes: 4 | Creators: Idli_#0329 & NotLoggedIn#0000 & Draco#9899 & Pyxel#6969

# Clay - the only discord bot you need ## Why clay? • Clay increases your server activity!
• Clay has an amazing leveling system!
• Clay has the ability to create instant backups of messages and load them instantly!
• Has really fun games and a built in economy system :)
• Clay has an amazing music system with reaction controls! ### Leveling Clay has an amazing leveling system comprising of a unique leaderboard with an amazing ranking system, with a customizable rank card! ### Music Clay has music commands too, which you can control reaction controls (reaction control)! ### Moderation Clay features a fully functional moderation system which keeps the bad guys out, and keeps your server safe! ### Image manipulation Clay has many image generation commands too! Have fun :) ### Backup (saves and loads) Clay can create instant backups of any messages you like and then, it can load them in any server you like! We bet you've never seen something like this before! `Important note`

The website dashboard is close to being finished and has not been released yet, we plan on releasing it soon.

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